Celebrating Dr. Ben-Jochannan. Frederick Monderson (Author).

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How to tribute Dr. Yosef Alfred Antonio ben-Jochannan, “Dr. Ben,” the giant; an icon, master teacher, scholar extraordinaire, nationalist and uncompromising gadfly in defense of Africa and her sons and daughters, is the challenge posed in this quest.

Naturally, sugar, some spice and a little photographic nicety is a significant first step in the journey to celebrate the life and work of an individual not afraid to be a consistent iconoclast in extolling the meaning and significance of Egypt and the Nile Valley experience while challenging the distorted projection that falsely portray European origination of science, religion, art, architecture, culture, as the pillars that support human creativity and progress emerging from the mists of history to the illumination of high noon of man’s philosophic, spiritual and moral journey.

Just as the Sphinx of Ghizeh has outlasted time, Dr. Ben has remained a timeless sentinel extolling the great gift of Africans who fired the human imagination to create the dynamics of intellectual thought processes that advanced the pageantry of the human experience; he has criticized gross misrepresentation of the historical record and as a corrective, cultivated a cadre of young minds committed to the proper reconstruction and foundation of Egypt in African history placing it on a pedestal as he has also placed the Black woman for whom he has shown great respect, love and affection.

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